D5.2 Report on suitable energy efficiency schemes in the context of PEBs


Report Abstract

This report (Deliverable 5.2) explores suitable energy efficiency schemes in the context of PEBs.

The report explores potential funding streams available for PEBs, especially for the type of buildings corresponding to the four EXCESS demo sites (Transformation of a former industrial complex in a Continental climate in Graz, Austria; New social housing complex in a Coastal climate in Hasselt, Belgium; New apartment building in a Nordic Climate in Helsinki, Finland; Refurbishment of a historical palace into a residential building in a Mediterranean climate in Valladolid, Spain). The report then outlines the most suitable, available funding sources for similar cases.

The document starts with a short reminder of the background on the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, and the
European level legal framework, before diving into the analysis of financing schemes available for PEBs on European level. The outline is followed by a review and analysis of the technical and economic evidence on the potential of PEB solutions and closes with a description of different ways of valuating energy efficiency and sustainability at large.

Amongst others, the report concludes that one of the main challenges for the roll-out of PEB solutions is that most of the currently available funding schemes are dedicated to a certain technology, which is contrary to the reality of plus-energy building atttempts, which are often requiring not one, but several different technological solutions to reach PEB levels.

Publication Date: 27 Dec 2023

Author: EXCESS project

D5.2 Report on suitable energy efficiency schemes in the context of PEBs