D5.1 Report on cost optimal technological solutions for PEBs


Report Abstract

This report explores cost optimal technology packages for the transformation of standard renovation scenarios to Positive Energy Buildings (PEBs) through a cost-optimal analysis of four EXCESS pilot

projects. The pilot cases are multi-storey residential or office buildings located in four different climate zones (Nordic, Continental, Oceanic and Mediterranean climate zone) to ensure high replicability across Europe. The cost optimal analysis encompasses a comparison of global costs and net primary energy demand of different technology packages. The main objective of the global cost analysis is the comparison of different technology packages in order to define the cost-optimal technology packages for all pilot cases. Out of this analysis, general conclusions on the cost effectiveness of PEB technologies and technology packages are derived. Furthermore, the analysis reveals the economic payback period of PEB technologies and compares global costs of PEB technology packages with technology packages required for the current nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEB) legislative standard.

Publication Date: 11 Aug 2023

Author: EXCESS project

D5.1 Report on cost optimal technological solutions for PEBs