D3.5 Block chain Infrastructure and Applications

This deliverable describes the EXCESS Blockchain and the two applications built on top of it, namely, the Objective Benefit Sharing Application (OBS App) and the Explicit Demand Response Application (EDR App) in their final version, after accommodating the feedback from the initial testing of their first version. The EXCESS Blockchain is based on an Ethereum Blockchain and provides the underlying infrastructure. The OBS App provides information and stimulation for building occupants to raise their energy awareness, offers a management system for the room comfort control, and enables prosumers to govern their community installation. The EDR App enables building occupants to understand their flexibility potential and monetize it. Occupants trade their flexibility potential with aggregators, which shield privacy information and trade the collective flexibility potentials with the local energy market. User involvement and user feedback haveled to updates of both apps during the testing phase and improvements are described in this second version of the deliverable D3.5.

Publication Date: 10 May 2023