EXCESS partners call for manuscripts on Zero/Positive Energy Buildings

29 March 2022

EXCESS partners call for manuscripts on Zero/Positive Energy Buildings

EXCESS partners Dr. Ala Hasan and Dr. Hassam ur Rehman (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland) are editing a Special Issue entitled “Advanced Energy Systems in Zero/Positive Energy Buildings, Communities and Districts” from the open access journal–"Energies" (Impact Factor 3.004).

As guest editors, they are inviting contributions to this exciting special issue by submitting manuscript(s). The submission deadline is 30 March 2023. Manuscripts can be submitted any time and will be processed immediately after submission.

For this Special Issue, high-quality papers on one or more of the following topics related to advanced energy systems in net-zero/positive energy buildings and districts are welcomed:

  • Concepts, definitions and KPIs development of nearly/net/zero and positive energy buildings/communities/districts;
  • Energy efficiency of buildings in communities and districts;
  • Advanced HVAC systems in buildings;
  • Heating/cooling energy and electricity demand;
  • Advanced short/long-term energy storage for heating/cooling/electricity and controls;
  • Renewable-based energy generations and smart controls;
  • Energy resiliency of the buildings during grid outages under various weather conditions;
  • Energy flexibility offered by buildings, communities and districts to the grid;
  • Energy self-sufficiency of the buildings, communities and districts;
  • Advanced simulation and optimization methods;
  • Experience and results from demos and monitoring sites;
  • Economic-, social- and policy-related aspects;
  • User’s acceptance and engagement in communities and districts.

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