EXCESS stakeholder workshop identifies multiple future PEB demonstration sites in Spain

14 July 2023

EXCESS stakeholder workshop identifies multiple future PEB demonstration sites in Spain

The first meeting with local stakeholders of the new EXCESS plus-energy demonstration building in Valladolid identified at least 5 potential additional replication sites for the Positive Energy Building (PEB) solutions and concept implemented in the building.

Hosted by the Prospex institute, Spanish architectural bureau U·rb atelier and the National Renewable Energy Centre of Spain (CENER), the workshop served to familiarise local architects, engineers, constructors, realtors, authorities and universities with the ground-breaking transformation works on a 16th century Renaissance palace in Valladolid that is facilitated by EXCESS. The building is currently being refurbished into a highly efficient positive energy apartment buildings with works to be finalised by the end of the year.  

The workshop collected direct feedback from stakeholders on building user satisfaction and place-based uptake barriers, such as current urban planning regulations and processes in Spain and PEB implications for local energy systems.

Considering these uptake challenges, five additional buildings were identified in the region as possible, additional replication sites for the EXCESS PEB solutions and concept.  If roll-out of EXCESS PEB solutions to these buildings is successful, the additional buildings could mark an important step towards the sustainable transition of the Spanish and European historical building stock. Further local stakeholder consultations are foreseen over the course of the next year until the finalisation of the first EXCESS PEB demo building in Valladolid.

More information about the EXCESS demo building in Valladolid can be found here. The works on the 16th century palace are expected to conclude late October 2023. The Valladolid PEB concept relies, amongst others, on maximising the electricity production from conventional PV panels installed on the roof of the building and supplying that energy for household electricity, collective self-consumption, and for two EV charging stations. Upon completion, the palace will provide new, state-of-the-art living spaces in overall 9 apartment units. 

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