A presentation of the EXCESS demo site in Granada, Spain

21 April 2020

A presentation of the EXCESS demo site in Granada, Spain

Four ambitious demonstration projects - in which innovative yet cost-competitive building technology packages will be tested - lie at the heart of the EXCESS project. This month, we are presenting the Spanish PEB pilot project:

The residential complex is located in the metropolitan area of the city of Granada, in a zone of singular natural beauty of high biodiversity. The building has 3 floors and some of the dwellings in the third floor are duplex. In total, there are 30 dwellings in the building for a total of 3.304 m2 of residential use. There are also locals for commercial use [890m2] on the ground floor, while the underground will hold a car park where 5 electric charge devices will be installed.

The building has been designed with the clear aim to minimise the energy demand in the dwellings. In this sense, even if the building is located in a Mediterranean climate, characterised by mild climate and high solar radiation, a highly insulated building envelope has been definde to reduce thermal energy demand.

The energy concept in the dwelling takes into account local climatic conditions and is based on a high renewable energy production from a PV field located on the roof of the building that will excess the energy consumption in the building throughout a year. The surplus of energy will be stored in batteries (100 kWh) providing energy flexibility, or fed to the grid in case it is not used for EV charge. The thermal energy supply consists of central installation for heating, cooling and domestic hot water from a geothermal source, thanks for the installation of two cascade heat pumps for a total of 120 kWth. 16 borehole collectors of 125 m length will be installed to provide geothermal energy.

The will be a BEMS installed that will manage the working conditions in the dwellings and in the central installation in order to maximise the energy performance minimising energy losses due to innefieciencies.

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Illustration Spanish demo case (ICLEI Europe) by "Andreas Jäger"

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