Smart City Deep Dive with Umeå

10 June 2020, 10:00 - 12:00

Smart City Deep Dive with Umeå

With most of Europe working remotely, the RUGGEDISED project is happy to invite to a Digital Deep Dive session focused on the ICLEI Member Umeå (Sweden). Sitting on the edge of the Arctic Circle, Umeå is a young and modern city, with a population of 124,000. There, the natural world co-exists with the urban environment.

Energy efficiency and low carbon solutions are especially important in such places. Sadly, at the moment, we cannot convene in Umeå in person. But, through the Digital Deep Dive, RUGGEDISED hopes to do the next best thing: virtually showcase the smart city solutions being developed there. Participants will also be invited to provide feedback and have constructive discussions to continue to improve smart city solutions.

During this interactive online session, Umeå partners will lift the lid on their key smart city developments. We will be hearing about the city’s integrated approach to combining technical solutions, and their smart building concept. This includes the use of smart control equipment to control airflow, building climates, and presence-activated lighting.

A wide range of sensor-data, time-scheduling components and weather station data are aggregated in Umeå's Demand Side Management system. This allows data to inform a more detailed understanding and improved management of energy needs and usage. Solar energy is stored in batteries to manage energy use and top loads, and all of these solutions interact and depend on each other.

The Digital Deep Dive will give you a front seat to hear the Umeå story. It will also give you the chance to react, exchange and bring your own experience to the discussion. Just because we have stopped travelling, doesn’t mean we’ve stopped connecting!

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