Summer School: Economics and Replication of PEDs

8 - 12 July 2024

Graz, Austria

Summer School: Economics and Replication of PEDs

IEA Annex 83 and EXCESS are organising this summer school to provide insights into technoeconomic modelling of Positive Energy Districts (PEDs), particularly on lifecycle costs and business cases for PEDs. In addition, participants will look into the replicability of PED technologies and solutions, with a focus on economic feasibility in different climate zones and PED certification. Participants will learn through lectures and group work elaborating on concrete, real-life examples. The summer school is taking place in a PED in the making, allowing to discover first-hand a broad range of innovative technologies enabling the plus-energy standard.

The summer school will see presenters from academic as well as market experts and technology providers. A detailed agenda is now available here.

The summer school is free of charge and comes with reduced hotel costs. For further information and questions, contact: and Joanneum Research.

Registration is open until the end of April here.

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