Digital Twins to Future-Proof Europe’s Buildings and Neighbourhoods

15 September 2022, 14:30 - 16:00

Athens, Greece - Technopolis City of Athens

Digital Twins to Future-Proof Europe’s Buildings and Neighbourhoods

Discuss digital twins for harnessing building- and city data for optimised urban climate mitigation and adaptation with us.

Data is a keystone for better decision making at city-level for optimising policy and measures for improved climate mitigation and adaptation. However, data alone is not enough: only when building-, neighbourhood- and city-level information is processed, accessible and understandable can stakeholders harness it for fine-tuning decision-making.

This EURESFO session, focusses on the power of digital twins in helping cities future-proof their built environment and wider urban systems. The session features a panel discussion between representatives from the leading cities and from the private sector that are working with building- and city-scale modelling applications. 

Panellists and the audience will be invited to reflect on current as well as future digital twin applications in European cities, exploring cross-sectoral dimensions to enhanced resilience, citizen engagement potential and enabling factors for the scaling up of building, neighbourhood and city-wide models.

The session is co-organised by the EU-funded RUGGEDISED smart city and the EXCESS plus-energy buildings projects.

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