Economic and emission reduction potential of renewable based energy systems in an apartment building in cold climatic conditions

Buildings are one of the largest contributors towards emissions. The EU countries plan to cut 80% of the emissions by 2050. The aim of this article is to model two
different photovoltaic (PV) based energy systems integrated either with new or old building in a district and to conduct emissions comparison against a reference city
level energy system in the Nordic region. The main novelty lies in the analysis of the CO2 reduction potential from the grid and buildings. The relative emissions
reduction is found to be 85% when the new building is integrated with PV+heat pump and seasonal storage system compared to the reference energy system. The
emission reduction cost of such a system is 8.59 €/kg CO2/yr. Such systems can support in reaching the EU’s emissions target.

The article was published within the framework of the 17th International Conference of the International Building Performance Association (BS2021) that took place from 1-3 September 2021. 

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Publication Date: 04 Aug 2022

Author: Hassam ur Rehman1, Ala Hasan, Francesco Reda