Business models for rolling out Positive Energy Buildings

IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science - SBEfin2022 Emerging Concepts for Sustainable Built Environment (SBEfin2022) Conference proceedings

Paper Abstract

Positive Energy Buildings (PEBs) present a promising solution for the battle against the climate change. A PEB is a building that produces more energy with renewables than it uses. A good variety of technologies exist for realizing the PEB, and integrated concepts are emerging. Well-designed business models are recognized as a crucial element needed for a wider roll-out of PEBs, but they are largely missing. This article will look at potential business models for PEBs and their contribution to the different PEB elements, while also pointing out some aspects that need to be considered when setting up the business model. A selection of interesting or emerging business models are described, concentrating on the typical customer segments, typical value propositions, potential life-cycle phases, benefits and challenges.

Access the full publication by M Ala-Juusela and A Tuerk, in 2022 IOP Conf. Ser.: Earth Environ. Sci.1122 012060, here

Publication Date: 22 Dec 2022

Author: EXCESS project

Business models for rolling out Positive Energy Buildings