EXCESS partners write book on Positive Energy Buildings

14 December 2021

EXCESS partners write book on Positive Energy Buildings

A new book has been published by Springer, broadly based on the work carried out in EXCESS. In this book, the EXCESS partners define positive energy buildings (PEBs), explore their emergence in Europe, explain why PEBs are important in the fight against climate change, and give examples of how they might be implemented.

The writing was led by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd with contributions from numerous EXCESS partners. Rita Lavikka, Senior Scientist from VTT explains: 

“The experts dedicated to Positive Energy Buildings have made great progress towards making them possible beyond specific innovation projects. This book takes all the PEB knowledge available in the community and condenses it into one book accessible to both researchers, practitioners and policy makers,” 

The book begins by contextualizing PEBs, discussing concepts, definitions, and how planning authorities may promote them in development plans. A further chapter includes an in-depth explanation of what PEBs are and their impact on a climate-neutral economy. In addition, the book discusses technological, economic, societal, and regulatory challenges and opportunities in the roll-out of PEBs, and finally concludes with possible scenarios for implementing them.

If you are interested in local and decentralized energy, as well as plans to achieve carbon neutrality and PEB’s, please refer to the website of the publisher where you can order your very own copy.

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