EXCESS gives new life to historical Spanish palace as plus-energy apartment building

7 February 2023

EXCESS gives new life to historical Spanish palace as plus-energy apartment building

EXCESS partners in Spain have engaged in a new project showcasing how to safeguard a 16th century Renaissance palace in Valladolid (Spain) by transforming it into a positive energy building. The project is taking place with support from the EXCESS project and is to give a new purpose and life to the palace by turning it into a highly energy efficient residential complex with nine separate apartments. The palace’s original façade representing its historical value and heritage will be preserved in the process. The EXCESS work on the palace will thereby set an important example and blueprint for deep renovation of protected historic buildings, which currently account for more than 30% of the entire European building stock. Future proofing these historical buildings will be an important step for cities and towns across Europe in reaching their energy and emission reduction targets.

The project foresees the entire renovation and subdivision of the building into nine separate apartment units, five of them as duplex apartments. To minimise the energy demand while keeping the historical façade, highly energy efficient appliances and other technologies will be installed. The energy concept of the building takes into account the local climatic conditions in Valladolid, which are characterised by mild temperatures and high solar radiation. The EXCESS PEB concept for the palace hence relies on maximising the electricity production from conventional PV panels installed on the roof of the building. The produced PV energy will supply energy for household electricity for collective self-consumption, and for two EV charging stations. The internal design of the building will be shaped as to maximise renewable energy generation, storage integration as well as self-consumption, making it one of the very first positive energy buildings in Spain.

For more information about the EXCESS PEB project in Valladolid, Spain click here. Find out more about all four EXCESS demonstration buildings across European climatic zones here.

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