The first EXCESS co-innovation workshop took place in Belgium

10 March 2020

The first EXCESS co-innovation workshop took place in Belgium

A dialogue for the success of the Positive Energy Buildings project in Hasselt, Belgium, was at the core of the 1st EXCESS co-innovation workshop designed and facilitated by project partner Prospex Institute (PI).

A diverse set of stakeholders - from construction companies and architects to local policy teams on energy, over associations for social housing - joined EXCESS local project partners in the workshop. Together, they identified multiple challenges and opportunities for the Belgian project demo site, using interactive tools.

Koen Allaerts from EXCESS project partner VITO and Frank Louwet from CORDIUM introduced participants to the concept and state of the art of Positive Energy Buildings (PEBs) and the planning and status for the demo site in Hasselt. Marc Gramberger (PI) moderated the sessions, ensuring that all voices were heard.

Main points brought forward by stakeholders included a call for better and more coherent policy frameworks. Technical aspects were equally brought forward, such as the need for PEBs to anticipate space to easily adjust positive energy applications. Participants also highlighted the need for PEBs to focus strongly on social aspects, including the local community’s energy consumption behaviour and its access to transparent information.

The series of EXCESS co-innovation workshops will continue in Finland, Spain and Austria – with a delay due to the Corona virus.

EXCESS Workshop in Hasselt by "Prospex Institue"

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